Saturday, April 14, 2012

So it begins...

First of all, I have several "saved" blog posts I never published about Emma because I didn't have time to finish writing them... that's kind of what happens when your baby starts walking, you seem to lose ALL your "free" time.

So here we are at the beginning of Danny's long training. He'll be gone for 8 days, come back for about 6 days, then leave for 4 more months. It's only been one day but I already miss him so much. That and he left his phone here so there is really absolutely no contact between us at the moment. Bla.

I shouldn't be allowed to have a credit card when he leaves, for at least a week.. I do it every single time he leaves, I go to the store to kill time and I buy stuff. Useless stuff that I don't need and junk food. I have a pile of "to return" already and I just went to the store today... oops. At least I know I don't need it. And Emma doesn't need it. (I started throwing stuff in she was interested in.. LOL)

So I came home and put Emma down for a nap, which she is now awake... so I have to cut this short... Her amazing 2 hour naps have gone back to 30 minute naps this week. GRRRRR

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togetherforeverthekicenskis said...

I completely understand about the buying stuff...when I am bored or lonely, I tend to buy stuff that I don't need like crafts or things I want to learn to do but never put forth the effort. Haha. Luckily, we're poor otherwise, I wouldn't have learned to control...Although, I am still learning. :)