Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Naia: Up for adoption

It breaks my heart, but Naia is being put up for adoption.

We were told in February that we were never going to have children of our own. Danny and I decided to expand our family by adopting another puppy, Naia, a Giant Schnauzer. She needs lots of exercise and play time, a firm disciplinarian, and lots, and lots of love.

When I found out I was pregnant, and started getting back pain, I could no longer walk Naia on my own. She pulled too hard when she would want something, hurting my back further. Danny started running with her, but soon the TDY's started and he no longer was around to run with her, so I would play with her out back until she started running away. At that point, we decided to get a huge tie out rope, so she could enjoy the back yard without running away. We could play fetch until she got bored and tired. Unfortunately, it still isn't enough.

Not only does she lack exercise when Danny is gone (which now-a-days is a lot!) but we can't let her out in the house very much when she's inside because Atreus hates her. Really, really, cowers when Naia is around. she won't go outside if Naia is out, and hides behind us if Naia is in the house, out of her kennel.

We cannot afford to put in a fence so she can roam freely and run freely on our land, because we now have a baby on the way. We are putting her up for adoption for her own well being, so she can have a better life. One we thought we would be able to give her, and no longer can provide. I love Naia very much but she deserves so much better than we can give.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wisconsin, Minesota, and Illinois

 What's a road trip without FuN dIp!?

Once Danny got home from his latest TDY, we hit the road. Our first stop was in La Crosse, Wisconsin, to visit our dear friends from Okinawa - the Kruegers. We had fun visiting them, we went to see some of their home town and places they grew up. I didn't have a sim card for my camera at this point, so no photos :( :( :( We have a few on our iPhones but those are NOT real photos! :*(

The next day we headed up to Minesota with the fam, and hit up the MALL OF AMERICA! It was fun, huge, and I got super tired. We picked up Lindsey's husband from the Airport and what a sweet reunion! As we were driving back to La Crosse, we almost ran out of gas and were driving through corn fields, cursing the GPS for telling us there was a gas station out there somewhere... when Danny found one on his iPhone Maps application! SAVED us! We were in the middle of nowhere!

Then we went to the Wisconsin Dells, and because my huge fancy camera is NOT waterproof, and Danny did not bring his camera, we have no photos of that day either. but it was fun, I couldn't ride all of the slides, but i did ride a few and boy was it fun!! I can't wait to go back when we have lots of little ninos running around.

THEN we headed back towards KY and spent the night in Chicago. When we got up in the morning we headed for the Sears Tower!! How amazing that was... the photos really speak for themselves..

And then we ate fun dip all the way home :)