Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 Months

Emma is already 4 months old. Time really flies, doesn't it!!

My Darling Emma,
You are talking up a storm, telling us stories in your own little language, squeeling with delight when you wake up and see our faces or when Daddy comes home from work. You just love to smile and laugh at us when we make silly faces and noises. You don't talk to everyone though. Sometimes if a stranger in a store approaches you and talks to you, you look at them and scream and cry until you look back at me and realize you're not being taken away. You definitely know who your Mommy and Daddy are, and you like being with us the best. 
Here's what we do with you on a "normal' basis:
Wake up. You usually wake us up around 6am. You open your eyes and look around the room for a moment before you start kicking your legs and flapping your arms, and then you begin to tell us what it is you've dreamed about in a very excited, dramatic way. You smile and coo, you just love the mornings. Then we go potty on the toilet, and you smile big and proud at Mommy when you're done. We go downstairs where you sit in your swing playing with toys and talking to Baby Einstein on the TV while Mom eats breakfast. Usually Mom comes to play with you on the floor after this until it's time for a nap. 
After your nap you use the potty again and come back downstairs to play on your activity mat.  You reach for, grab and try to "eat" all of your toys, often times talking to them and kicking all over. Mom never leaves you in the room alone, she does some light cleaning while you play by yourself until you play yourself to sleep on the mat. You nap on the mat or on a blankey on the floor. When you wake up, you guessed it, we go to the potty again.
The afternoon is all Mommy and Emma time. We sit up, play tummy time, practice standing and sitting up, you tell mommy stories and usually "play with mommy's hair" or in other words, you yank on it. We laugh and I tickle your tummy. I read you a story and you try to grab the pictures in the books we read. Sometimes if you are cranky and tired and don't want to play, I will rock you in my arms while watching TV or listening to music. 
Then Daddy comes home. Daddy likes video games, so he'll sit with you on his lap or next to him on the couch while he plays video games. He likes to ask you questions about your day and you like to grab his nose.
Then bath time. Daddy reads to you and mommy washes you with lots of bubbles. We sing a few songs, and then it's time for bed.

This month you've learned how to sit up for a few seconds on your own, roll over, and so many other things I can't keep track of. You grow and learn new things every day and I am such a proud mommy! I love you Emma.

Here are some pictures of you doing some neat and cute things.