Friday, December 4, 2009

Moving Out!

Friends & Family!
We're moving out! Today we have a laundry list of items to do, one of them being huge... cleaning our house for inspection (eek!)
I didn't realize how dusty some corners got or how dirty some windows get... until all our stuff was gone. Oh and the walls... have you taken a photo off the wall only to see a nice square space where the photo used to be? It's weird!
This is our last weekend on Okinawa, and we'll be spending it cleaning our house up. I'm excited, scared, nervous, and anxious all rolled into one!
We're low on sleep, staying at a friends house who has a Black Lab along with our Atreus has proven a bit of a challenge. Atreus whines, then the Lab whines, and they do that all night long, not to mention that anytime something out of the front door moves the auto light comes on and Atreus like to bark at it, in the middle of the night. We're keeping her on their balcony and him in their kitchen for now. And from monday to friday we're checking into TLF.
Oh yeah, and whoever said a blow up bed was comfortable was wrong. LOL!

Other than those seemingly negative things, everything is going great. The stars are aligning and we are feeling so blessed. Everything is working out... we've been able to sell the things we don't need and pack away the things we do, we found someone amazing who is going to take Atreus to LAX, and we have our tickets to fly from seattle to Nevada all lined up, as well as my ticket from vegas to lax to pick up Atreus. Woo! It's all so exciting. OH yes, and we've begun to close on our new HOUSE! WOO HOO!

*We no longer have our vonage phones. If you are on island and need to reach us, please call 080-3588-6971 (Vanessa) Or 080-3356-9786 (Daniel)