Sunday, August 21, 2011

5 Months Old

Emma, you are already 5 months old! (well 5 months and almost 2 weeks, Mommy's been too busy to take pictures of you and write an update, Shame on her!)

I can't believe how quickly time flies. When I see newborn babies around now I think it feels just like yesterday that I brought you home. You're such a big girl, and so advanced! Pediatricians are stunned.

You are:
Sitting up unsupported
Scooting forward (not crawling because you don't use your hands and legs together, usually hands then legs)
Rolling around
Drinking from a sippy cup and water bottles, by yourself I might add, I don't have to hold them

Sometimes you get to eat rice cereal and apple sauce, and you just love the yumminess of trying new food. You grab everything and anything I'm eating and stick it in your mouth, sometimes too fast for me to stop you when you take somethign you really shouldn't. You tried lasagna the other day and even tried to go back for more!! You can't wait to eat real food like mommy and daddy. When we feed you rice cereal and apple sauce, you grab the spoon and shove it in your own mouth. I can't even believe it.

In the mornings, you've started to wake up and roll over, scoot your little tush over to me and give me snuggles and smooches. It definitely makes waking me up that early worth it.

One downfall you have, you don't want to let Mommy go! The moment I walk out of a room or leave you alone with daddy (or anyone else for that matter) you get really upset. I'm definitely seeing this separation anxiety. Just remember, I'll never leave you anywhere for too long, honey!! I'm always going to come back for you. =)

You're pretty awesome. I can't believe in a few short weeks you will already be 6 months old... 1/2 a year! Yikes!

Standing up (that used to be a dress..)

Helping(?) Mom do Laundry