Sunday, August 23, 2009

A trip to MeXiCo!!

waY BACK in July (lol) Vanessa took the long flight(s) back to the USA. After 22 hours of travel time, she finally arrived in Los Angeles where she was greeted by and stayed with her sister Jenny. They had a blast taking a few shopping trips to Ross and eating junk food you can only find in America (In'n'out, Papa Johns, Islands..) and watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. A day and a half later, Jenny and Vanessa headed off to LAX to take a wonderful 7 hour trip to Cozumel, Mexico where their other sister Heather would be getting married.

Upon arrival in Mexico, Vanessa and Jenny rapidly changed clothes and got dolled up for a wonderful evening with many peeps in Heather's life eating Mexican food and chatting around the bar. (I actually didn't stay up for that, thank you Jet Lag for putting me to bed early...) The food was OK, something Danny and I refer to as "FANCY Mexican" food. It was presented beautifully though as you can see in the photos of the drinks and dessert. 1. Margarita 2. my virgin strawberry daiquiri 3. dessert

The next day, Jenny and Vanessa got up in the morning (or something like that :D) to put swim suits on and head to the pool. We ate Tatopos and guacamole, drank (virgin) pina coladas, and played pool volley ball where Jenny whacked me in the head with a volley ball in front of about 20 other people. i went under... but i survived! We are TERRIBLE at playing volleyball. We lost by a million and a half points. There was this cutie cute pool activities coordinator who looked like Danny. His name was Daniel. hA! Something to make me miss my husband I guess. Although, this Mexican Daniel actually spoke Spanish, unlike my witty and charming husband. :D

At 3 or 4... I don't remember... we got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. That night we ate Italian I think. My Mom, Dad, and sister Christina finally arrived, and I spent most of dinner time getting my mom ready for bed but it was amazing to see her. The fish (or whatever it was ) that I ate tasted great, even cold (because that's how I ate it). For dessert, we had this amazing fried ice cream. YUM. For drinks, they brought out these fruity melon cocktails, i couldn't tell you what they were because I didn't taste them.. I drank water with lime, and it was fantastic. Yum!

Then I'm pretty sure I went to bed.

The next day, we woke up once again during a time of day that should have been morning, but I'm pretty sure it was not. We laid by the pool for an hour or two, then ran upstairs to get ready for Heather's wedding. It was beautiful, and I was glad i brought my own camera because I didn't like the way the wedding photographer was. I don't know, something about his style, everything had to be posed... and as we all know I do not shoot like that. I followed him around when he did outdoor photos of the couple, because otherwise there was no time for me to take photos of them. So if they look like they aren't looking at my camera, it's because they're not! Ten minutes into the reception, right after taking photos of the 100 cakes that they had, my camera's battery died. And was suffering from my kidney infection so i didn't run upstairs to charge it... so I now regret not doing that because I wish i could give Heather and Jason more photos :(

The next morning we got up, ate Brunch and ran off to the airport. What an amazing and hectic adventure. Beautiful wedding, we all cried our makeup off. Even J. ;-P

More posts to come of our trip to the USA. Stay tuned.