Sunday, December 11, 2011

9 Months Old

Emma Rose Madison is 9 months old.
Emma has two teeth, rosy cheeks, and is growing lots of hair. She loves any kind of meat and red sauce, she likes ham, and hates chicken/turkey. Still a veggie girl, chowing down daily on squash and carrots, and she loves her grilled cheese and mac'n'cheese. 
Still not walking but getting more practice every day. She has now discovered that she can pull me around wherever she wants to go by standing next to me and reaching for my hand. She will walk for several steps just holding one hand with one hand, but to really "fly" she holds on with both hands. She's a master climber - climbing up on top of anything she can by pushing other things up to whatever she needs to get up onto.. the other day she pushed a toy truck up to the dresser so she could stand on it and reach the top of the dresser, and all the treasures that lay on top of the dresser. Sneaky girl!
She has a HUGE sense of humor - she laughs at the puppets on baby einstein when they make "jokes" and she laughs at daddy and mommy when they are being silly.. and when she is silly or is a stinker to one of us.. she laughs! 
Emma says "MOM' now! She says "mom" and means it - mom is a word only to be used when she needs my attention, never a babble word and never a word to be used when playing with dad or anyone else! It's quite amazing and melts my heart. she also gives kisses, she will snuggle up and then tilt her head back and open her mouth and lean in, planting a wet and slobbery kiss right on your lips, cheek, or nose. She will wave if you wave at her any say "hi!" and she's started pinching, too. Not so funny but she thinks it is! 
Emma will sign "all done" and then rock back and forth and cry when she is finished eating. 
She still goes on the potty, though lately we've had a few "accidents" at random times of the day, usually when she starts to teethe again. 
Emma now goes to sleep on her own, without mom or dad's help. She is learning to slowly sleep through the night and it makes us so happy! :) She is a big girl who sleeps all night in her own room. 
Some of the things I love about this month:
Cuddle bug
Independent woman
Always willing to try new food
Feeds herself
Loves bath time and eating bubbles
Says MOM and Mama
Loves to play with dogs
Bonding more and more with Daddy, and will even say "daddy" some times.