Saturday, July 18, 2009

YYY Resort - IE island

YAY! Finally a blog update. I have lots to back update on but for now I'll keep it current.
For my birthday, Danny and I went up to the YYY resort on IE island. It was amazing. We got in the car, drove north about 45 minutes, took a 30 minute ferry ride, and landed at Ie Island. We had two days and one night at this beautiful resort, where breakfast and dinner are included.
We arrived about lunch time, so we dumped our stuff in our room and headed down to the lobby to get a map of local restaurants. We were headed down the beach, looking for one of the listed restaurants, when we decided to take a small detour. We were attacked by barking cicadas, and nearly ran into this HUGE spider. There were many of those big banana spiders along the path. We decided to turn back and never found the restaurant we were looking for. Starving, we decided to eat at the restaurant in the resort. Everything on the menu was uber-expensive, so I ordered the cheapest thing, and also - the safest thing, a hot dog. YUCK it was so nasty I didn't even finish it. Danny ordered a Soba set, and I got to eat his rice.
After lunch, we decided to head to the beach. Snorkels in hand, we found a great spot to start. We drenched ourselves in sunscreen and jumped in! The water was so warm and so clear, it was a great place to swim. We saw two puffer fish and a weird, very colorful fish that chased me, along with some other interesting looking things.
After getting a little sea sick, I decided to just play in the waves. Danny continued to snorkel and chase fish around while I collected coral and swam around the blue green water. We stayed in the ocean until well after 5 pm, and were pruney when we went back to our room to shower and get ready for our dinner.
Our dinner was pretty good. We had some sort of risotto wrapped in bacon topped with shrimp, a salad, steak, potatoes, broccoli, an interesting deep fried carrot mush, and for dessert, a tiny piece of cheese cake with fresh fruit.
After that, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. it was pitch black, so we found a sandy spot and lay down to watch the stars. Danny pointed out about 20 satellites, and we saw a shooting star! I nearly fell asleep on the sand, so we decided to head up to go to sleep. Quite a long day!
The next day was not quite as amazing. We got up, went to play in the water for a little while, and checked out of the resort. We rented a little car so we could drive around the island. We made it to a cave where people would hide during the war. In the cave is this "special rock" and it is said that if a woman picks it up, she will have a baby soon. So of course, Danny made me pick it up. HAHA.
My eyes had been sun burnt the day before, and after little exploring, were burning so badly that we had to head back to the ferry to go home. They were watering and stinging so much that I could hardly see and barely keep my eyes open at all.