Friday, April 8, 2011

Emma Rose Madison - 1 month old

One month old already! Time flies too fast, and I am not ready for you to grow up yet! Slow down honey, mommy waited forever for this newborn and she's growing up too quickly!!
It's amazing to see you change from day to day. So far you've fount your hands and you like to hold them and suck on your knuckles. You love to look mommy and daddy in the eyes when we talk to you, and you've smiled at Daddy already! You have three, yes three teeth coming up already. When you were born you had two slits on the bottom where the teeth would soon come, and now I can see the teeth coming up under the surface of your little gums!
You love to sleep on mommy's chest. It's your favorite place to be. You can lift and hold your head up by your self, you love to stand up (with assistance) and do squats while someone holds you. You have your own sleep pattern at night, so we know when to expect you to wake up already. About once a week you have a sleep day, where you will sleep all day, and all night, waking up only to eat a little bit and then straight back to sleep!
You love, love, love bath time.  You can be crying and crying about who knows what, and as soon as we stick you in the bath tub you are totally content - until it starts getting cold of course. You don't mind being sprayed with the shower either!
You are quite the snuggle bug and you don't like to be left alone, or put down. Sometimes you'll fall asleep and we'll put you down and you'll wake up right away and cry to be held again. We love to hold you, we don't mind!
You like to be rocked back and forth, and you like it when we pat your back. Those are two sure fire ways to get you to sleep when you are cranky!

You are amazing and we love you so much. You have completed our world, and given us a daily reminder of how wonderful life is.