Saturday, September 10, 2011

6 Months Old

AHHHHHHHHHHH STOP IT! Time flies too quickly. And you are just growing up too fast, emma!

So, we've started solid food. You love everything you've tried so far! You're also sitting up much better and you've started to crawl. You love to smack your hands on everything. Especially water! Although sometimes you startle yourself when you smack the water and it splashes you in the face!!
You've also started to sleep on your own - for the first part of the night anyway. You still love to nurse all night long so I feel tired, but worth it! Because you are growing so fast! 14 pounds 2 ounces now, and 25 inches long. The doctor says you have beautiful  skin for a baby your age and that you are one lucky kiddo! You're healthy as can be - and still vaccine free. Since you are a super star, the doctor said it'd be no problem for you to go without vaccines until 18 months - 2 years. :) We still put you in cloth diapers, though not as much. You still potty on the toilet every day, and we're working on sign language for the word "potty" so that you can let me know if you need to go! You've given up your 30 minute nap - stubbornness. For the past week you have taken at least one "long" nap each day! This makes mommy VERY happy!
You are mischevious - you like to get into everything. The other day I found you playing with the kids lip gloss , and you didn't see me yet. You noticed that your hands were sticky and made a weird face, and then tried to wipe your hands on the carpet! Naughty girl! You gave me this look like "SHOOT! I've been caught" and then you put your head down on the carpet and whined. So we washed your hands and you were back to being a happy girl.
You LOVE to give kisses, and you absolutely love to snuggle. When you wake up in the morning you roll over, crawl half way on top of me, then collapse when I put my arms around you. Sometimes you crawl up to my face and wake me up with sloppy kisses. You've just started to crawl over me to get to Daddy to give him snuggles as well.
You can't get enough of our cell phones. If you see one, whether it's next to you or across the room, you've got to have it. You will crawl over, under, around and even try to get through, everything just to get your hands on a cell phone. You goober!
Some pictures? OK!
Snuggles on the couch. Yes, you would just sit next to me and snuggle FOREVER.

Daddy was eating a peach while playing with you.

You decided to stare at it and reach for it until he gave you some.

You munched and sucked tons of juice out of that peach, and made a cute little bite mark!

You still love bath time, every night.

You now crawl right up to theTV when baby Einstein is on

Silly sunglasses! They confuse you. It's pretty funny :D