Monday, October 24, 2011

7.5 Months

Crawl-running away from Mom at bed time

You've been keeping your mommy VERY busy, Emma! I haven't been able to update... even now you are crawling around getting into EVERYTHING of course!!!

In the past 6 weeks (or since I last updated your blog) you've:

  • Mastered the art of crawling, you can now crun (crawl/run) away and do so every night at bed time.
  • Learned how to pull up
  • Learned how to sit back down after standing up
  • Started waving
  • Walking along furniture and walls
  • Climb up stairs
  • Climb up everything else
  • Learned how to tell me you have to Potty or that you want to eat
  • Learned how to sleep longer than 30 minutes at nap time (HALLELUJAH!)
You pick up and taste everything. You LOVE to eat whatever we are eating. You also love squash, it is totally your favorite food. You will find the smallest piece of lint on the floor and put it in your mouth. You love finger foods! You give hugs and snuggles, and you've started to let me know when it's nap time by laying your head on my lap. You also love yourself, and give yourself kisses in the mirror several times a day. You throw things... if you are upset and don't like what we are doing, you pick things up and throw them..... You're also learning that when we say "NO" that you have to stop what you are doing or we will take you away/move you away from whatever you are currently trying to do. You throw tantrums when you don't get your way but luckily they only last a second or two! You love to wander around the house. 
You still sleep with us most of the night and you still don't sleep through the night because you are ONE HUNGRY BABY! You eat all day and all night it seems, but you're growing like a weed so I don't mind. Of course I'd love to get more sleep....
Speaking of sleep, you're learning to put yourself to sleep. You'll fall asleep on your own at nap time for morning nap when we are at "work" You know it's nap time when I buckle you into the car seat and lower the visor. night time.. not so much.. all you want to do is snuggle. Like I said, you try to crun away from us after bath time before sleep time.. usually when you are still naked.. you do a hyperventilating smile and crun as fast as you can in the opposite direction! It's so funny! 

First visit to Pumpkin Patch

Learning about WT Sherman

Walking with Daddy

Climbing stairs

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Lovely that you are doing this. So wonderful =D